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Backa has tourism potential


The project “Women’s Entrepreneurship Academy – a smart investment in a program of lifelong learning of women”, which is supported by the European Union through its project “Strengthening the dialogue between civil society in Serbia and the EU, held a five-day training on “Rural ans spa&wellness tourism as a development potential of the South Backa district”

The training was organized by the Women’s Entrepreneurship Academy, Novi Sad School of Journalism and Development Association Horna Nitra in Slovakia.

Education was held from 13th to 17th of  December 2010 in Backa Petrovac, at the Business Incubator, ul. Marshal Tito’s 20th.

Education was designed for women from the municipalities Backi Petrovac and Backa Palanka, which already have or want to start their own business and to improve its business, future careers in rural areas, a spa and wellness tourism. Also lectures were useful even for representatives of tourism organizations, local governments and also, students Geographics, who want to become better acquainted with this subject and direct their knowledge toward rural tourism.

The goal of education was to introduce participants to key issues of rural and spa & wellness tourism, such as:

* Key factors for the development of competitive destination spa and wellness tourism

* Current trends in the spa and wellness tourism

* Tourism and rural areas

* Relations between tourism and agriculture in rural tourism

Educators in the training were:

Dr. Christina Košić, a professor at the Faculty of Sciences, Department of Tourism

Mr. Igor Stamenkovic, a professor at the Faculty of Sciences, ODEKU Tourism

Vladimir Stojanovic, a professor at the Faculty of Sciences, Department of Tourism

Mr. Mirjana Đekić, ethnologist at the Regional Institute for Cultural Heritage Preservation


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