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REGIONAL OVERVIEW: Hate and Propaganda Models of Media and Communication in the Western Balkans and Turkey

The hate, propaganda and disinformation models of media and communication are integral parts of the propaganda-oriented media systems. Should we wish to understand the key characteristics of a propaganda-oriented media system, we must reflect on where, how and why the system came about.

It is thoroughly wrong to consider the current propaganda-oriented media system only in terms of taking control of the shaping of public opinion without simultaneously considering the taking over of crucial leverages for the financing of loyal media outlets, verified both by the political elites and by capital.

Comprehending the functioning of this kind of system calls for analysis of the consequences for the communal life of the people that it produces (the disintegration of the community into politically led, oriented and financed groups of opinion-maker warriors).

The regional project ‘RESILIENCE: Civil society action to reaffirm media freedom and counter disinformation and hateful propaganda in the Western Balkans and Turkey’ is implemented with the financial support of the European Union by partner organizations SEENPM, the Albanian Media Institute, Mediacentar Sarajevo, Kosovo 2.0, the Montenegro Media Institute, the Macedonian Institute for Media, the Novi Sad School of Journalism, the Peace Institute and Bianet.

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