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The youth guarantee for employment in Serbia

The Center for Development of Serbia (CDS) in cooperation with partner organization Novi Sad School of Journalism held a round table on the 24th of October regarding the topic “The possibility of achieving Youth Guarantee for employment in Serbia – mission possible or impossible?”.The purpose of this round-table was to introduce the program of the European Youth Guarantee for employment. This program is aimed at reducing youth unemployment in the EU Member States and through the analysis of the current situation in Serbia showing the necessity of mechanisms provided by this Guarantee, as well as propose exact actions for increasing employment of youth.

Proposed actions for the current employment policy and the models of support for the youth which were presented at the round-table will then later be an integral part of the publication that will be distributed to relevant government sectors and organizations that focus on the youth employment policies.

Lawyer Aleksandar Maricevic and economist from the Institute for European Studies Goran Nikolic spoke about this publication.

“The idea is that young people (up to the age of 24) get in touch with the labor market through a variety of training, internships and practice,” said Maricevic. He added that the Youth Guarantee is not something new, “This is something that countries like Austria , Germany, Denmark , Finland, Sweden are applying, and these are the countries with the lowest rate of youth unemployment. The fund of 6 billion euros will be allocated so that this Guarantee could come to life.”

The ” European Youth Guarantee for employment – mission possible or impossible in Serbia” project is supported by the Swiss Labour Assistance organization (SOLIDAR Suisse).

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