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Continuing education is a prerequisite for success

The five-day training “Coaching Skills for Trainers courses for adults” has been successfully completed in the business incubator in Backa Petrovac.

The main goal of education was the acquisition of coaching skills needed to work in the field of adult education, as well as raising awareness of the need for continuing education.

Twelve participants listened to lectures on Slovak and Serbian language. Jan Sitarčik, professor of andragogy in Slovakia, spoke of the lifelong learning in the context of adult education, learning objectives and methods of adult education. With theme “Educators creativity”, Professor Sitarčik made the introduction to the lecture of Professor andragogy at University of Novi Sad, Milka Oljača, who spoke about adults potencial for learning and time management as a prerequisite for the development of creativity.

Professional trenirica Ankit Dragin spoke about the constructive approach to training. Clear and useful advice through workshops, the participants went through the preparation of training, “Behind the scenes of training,” through what they have learned the importance of nonverbal messages and how to achieve their desired results regarding the dynamics of leadership training.The training was carried out under the project “Women’s Entrepreneurship Academy – a smart investment in a program of lifelong learning of women”, which is supported by the European Union through its project “Strengthening the dialogue between civil society in Serbia and the EU.” The training was organized by the Women’s Entrepreneurship Academy, Novi Sad School of Journalism and Development Association Horna Nitra in Slovakia.

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