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Held training on ICT technology

The project “Women’s Entrepreneurship Academy – a smart investment in a program of lifelong learning of women”, which is supported by the European Union through its project “Strengthening the dialogue between civil society in Serbia and the EU”, held a five-day training on ICT technologies (Information Communications Tecnology) .

The training was organized by the Women’s Entrepreneurship Academy, Novi Sad School of Journalism and Development Association Horna Nitra in Slovakia.

Education was held from 17 to 21 January 2011 in Backa Petrovac, at the Business Incubator, ul. Marshal Tito’s 20th.

The training was organized for women from the municipalities Packi Petrovac and Backa Palanka, which already have or want to start their own business, and learn how to use the Internet and modern technology to promote their business and professional activities.

Peter Laco, a teacher from Slovakia, during the five-day training, has theoretically and practically presented  techniques that students can use for easier and more efficiently promoteing the activities they are engaged.

Participants who attended the training learned the following areas:

– ICT and its application today

– Internet

– Publication on the Internet

– Computer Graphics

– Creating and editing graphics using freely available tools

– Vebhosting, domain registration, advertising on the Internet

– Monitoring Web Site Traffic

– Create a web page processing HTML

– Create web pages using a WYSIWYG editor

– Web site enhancements and improvements

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