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(In)security of children on the Internet

Child safety on the Internet was the topic of the first professional conference of its kind in Novi Sad, organized by the Center for Missing and Abused Children from Stara Pazova. The common conclusion of the participants to Internet violence spreads like a virus among children and that parents often lack knowledge of computer skills in order to protect their children from the dangers which they may be exposed.

Therefore, the process must involve the protection of children, both parents and schools and teachers. The only study of child abuse via the Internet in Serbia was carried out in Stara Pazova and given devastating results – every 15 children of the 1,100 respondents, who received a disturbing message content. These are primary school students who actually use the Internet and its possibilities, but know better than their parents.

The conference is presented and the Novi Sad School of Journalism project to combat sexual exploitation and abuse of children “Pandora’s box”, which, among other things, is dedicated to the safety of children on the Internet, since in this way usually spread and distribute child pornographic content.

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