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Minister of Science of Montenegro opened the second phase of the project “Ladies Diary of Change”

Minister of Science of Montenegro, Sanja Vlahovic, opened the seminar titled “Young Leaders Lady in Town” with a lecture about leadership. The lecture was held at the Montenegro Media Institute, a partner organization of the Novi Sad School of Journalism on the project “Ladies Diary of Change.”

The Minister pointed out that the role of leaders is to create something new, something that has never seen before. She said that leadership is not an easy job. She was talking about the differences between managers and leaders. “Managers do their job perfectly, organize and conduct, but leaders are those who also motivate their team and direct the people in the right direction,” said Vlahovic. She relied on the definition that leadership is like beauty, it is difficult to define it but you know when you see it.

This is the second seminar which will be held during the implementation of the international project “Ladies Diary of Change” whose carrier is the Novi Sad School of Journalism with the support of the European Commission.

High school students and their professors together as participants will pass through lessons about the importance of women’s activism. They will attend lectures, workshops and training sessions where they will acquire skills and knowledge about writing and implementing the projects, conducting media campaigns, reporting, leadership, etc. Beside this, participants will visit the Parliament of Montenegro, Office for Gender Equality and NGOs “Juventas” and “Center for Civic Education.”

Participants of the project will be 18 high school girls who will learn how to turn their ideas into concrete initiatives and to take active roles in decision-making processes and in the dialogue and reconciliation processes in the region.

Partner organizations of the project are Women’s Association “Aureola” from Pristina, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy “ELIAMEP” from Athens and Montenegro Media Institute from Podgorica.

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