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NSSJ Annual award for the best yound journalist from Novi Sad – call for nominations

Novi Sad School of Journalism announces a call for nominations for the NSSJ Annual award for the best young journalist from Novi Sad in the field of analytical or investigative journalism. The prize is going to be awarded for the entire work of journalist in 2015, which should be illustrated by one (best) example of work, published during this year.

The prize has been awarded since 2001. Prominent journalists of Novi Sad, Vojvodina and Serbia are among the laureates: Jelena Vukmanović, Maja Dragic, Jovana Zdjelarevic, Igor Mihaljevic, Dusko Bajic, Zarko Bogosavljevic, Asja Francisti, Dejan Stojicic, Branka Dragovic, Dimitrije Vidanovic and others.

Here you can download the Call for nominations with detailed instructions, as well as both application forms. These documents are only available in Serbian language.

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