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The Novi Sad School of Journalism received accreditation for an educational program on “Media Literacy”

Institute for the improvement of education accredited the training program of Novi Sad school of journalism “Media literacy”.

The aim of the educational program “Media literacy” is the teachers’ ability to develop understanding, analysis and evaluation of media messages. Also, the acquisition of competencies relevant to the setting up of media content into social moral value systems. Training as many teachers in the field of media literacy and the basics of journalism is contribution to be trained to help students make their first steps in creating an independent media messages.

By international regulation, media literacy skills are not isolated; it “binds” the knowledge that is taught in mother tongue teaching, sociology, history, psychology, computer science and civil rights education.

From this program, among other things, we expect to point to the difference between media manipulation which moves in the permissible range of manipulation as a social abuse.

The expected effects:
– Selective and critical consummation of media products.
– The art of communication within mass culture
– Setting media content in social moral value systems

Accreditation of this educational program will be effective from September 1st 2011, and is valid until August 30th, 2012.

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