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Young female politicians for a healthy environment

In the Novi Sad School of Journalism was held a roundtable called “Young politicians for a healthy environment”.

The aim of the roundtable was to present different environmental problems in Vojvodina and to present the ideas of the young female politician and candidates on the lists for the upcoming elections as possible solutions in terms of environmental protection.

On the round table was discussed about the importance of of citizen participation in solving environmental problems and how big is their environmental awareness, how much attention decision-makers devote to issues of environmental protection in times of economic crisis, why in the institutions that deal with environment dominate women, whether women politicians with their activism contribute to faster solution of the environmental problems etc.

The participants were young female politicians and candidates on electoral lists for the upcoming local and provincial elections from different political parties(Democratic Party, League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina and the Liberal Democratic Party) and the journalist Dragana Ratković which reports on environmental issues on the Radio Novi Sad, Višnja Baćanović sociologist and Theodora Knez Milojković representative of the organization Environmental Ambassadors who presented the work of the organization and highlight some of the most pressing environmental problems in Serbia.

Source: RTV


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