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Youth of Serbia and Croatia agaist the extreme right

Project “Orientation: Forward!” aimed at raising awareness of young people from Serbia and Croatia about the consequences of the growing popularity of extremist right-oriented organizations started on 25th of September 2013.

Novi Sad School of Journalism is implementing this project in cooperation with NansenDialogueCenter from Osijek and under the auspices of the European Commission’s cross-border programme Croatia-Serbia.

Project activities include training series where young participants will learn about the prevalence and recognition of hate speech in the media, and also how to implement media monitoring, in-depth interviews and advocacy campaigns against rising nationalism. In addition, participants will conduct investigations of hate speech and extreme right-wing discourse in the media and create a short documentary film and website as a unique medium for the presentation of reports, interviews, recommendations, and all media products generated during the project.

The project lasts for one year and the participants are students, teachers and young journalists from the border region between Serbia and Croatia.

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This project is funded by the European Union


Crosborder Programe Croatia – Serbia

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