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Conference “Advancing Roma Visibility”

Novi Sad School of Journalism hosted a two-day conference “Advancing Roma Visibility,” whose aim was to present and critically review the work of Roma media in the Western Balkans, focusing on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia.The conference offered a possible models for future development of Roma media, whose survival is crucial for the visibility of the Roma community to the public. Also, discussion  was about the possiblities of changing models in public awareness on the status and needs of Roma in the Western Balkans.

On the perspectives of Roma media, and positive and negative experiences in the development of Roma media disscused: Sanela Besic (Roma Information Center, BiH), Dehran Bislim (freelance journalist based in Hungary), Petrit Saracini (Macedonian Institute for Media), Petar Nikolic (Roma editorial offices, RTV Vojvodina), Dubravka Valic Nedeljkovic (Department of Media Studies, Novi Sad), Ajet Osmanovski (Romaversitas, Macedonia), Dinko Gruhonjic (Internationa Journalists’ Association of Vojvodina), Slavica Denic, (Ministry for Human and Minority Rights, Serbia), Emir Povlakic (CRA, BiH), Dusko Jovanovic (Office for Roma Inclusion), Stole Naumov (Broadcasting Council of Macedonia), Tihomir Loza (Transitions, Czech Republic), Marija Arnautovic (editor of the site “Wheel”, BiH) and Sasa Denic (Journalist on the project “Advancing Roma Visibility” Serbian).

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