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Active Ladies First (2011)

Overall objective: Empowering the high school girls (main target group) from different less developed regions in Serbia to be more active in Civil Sector; To help solve the problem of passiveness, depression and apathy of young people in Serbia; Enabling them to develop mechanisms of advocacy activities on female issues-Teaching them how to use the power of media to achieve their goals in political society.

Project activities:

–  Open doors of activism – the educational phase workshop about the basics of female, youth and overall social activism. The intermediate objective of the educational phase is to improve the understanding of political topics to students, offer knowledge on basic terminology, clear out misunderstandings, and provide an objective and neutral approach to certain issues.

– Young leaders in town – In this phase, the students, and their teachers have an experience of work and activities in political and social institutions in administrative centre. This aspect is of utmost importance since, going back to the previously mentioned lack of motivation; the voting rate of young women in the region is on a very low level.

– Lady campaigners – Students will be capable of identifying issues of their direct interest and propose solutions to problems, becoming fully aware of their social responsibilities, which will be clearly presented to them in this project. They are planned to go through the whole project cycle. From the idea to evaluation.

– If it’s not in the news….  – results of the media coverage phase will be 6 successfully conducted studio interviews, both live and shot, on 6 local and regional media in Serbia.

Duration: 12 months

Financial support: Olaf Palme

Project Coordinator: Selena Tasic,

Active Ladies First:... Conference "Advancing Roma...