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Countering disinformation in Serbia: First line of defense

European Union, December 2022 – December 2025

The Novi Sad School of Journalism and the team gathered around FakeNews Tragač are implementing this three-year project focused on countering disinformation, as well as professional standards, knowledge and skills of media workers, and the news literacy of Serbian citizens.

Three groups of activities are planned:

  1. Production and promotion

During the project, we will continue the production of analytical texts that we publish on the FakeNews Tragač portal and introduce a new column in which, in the form of questions and answers, disinformation, we will analyze the myths and conspiratorial narratives related to important social issues. We will promote all analyses on the social networks of FakeNews Tragač. On the newly established TikTok channel, we will continue publishing informative and educational posts.

To improve the accessibility of our content to people with disabilities, we will introduce the option for Text-to-Speech Synthesis for all published texts on FakeNews Tragač portal.

  1. Media capacity building

We will create three e-courses for journalists and journalism students in which participants will acquire basic and advanced knowledge in the field of fact-checking.

We will establish an SOS-CHECK service for the media, within which we will provide support, especially to smaller local media outlets, needed when verifying information before publishing.

  1. Media accountability

All sources of detected disinformation whose analyzes were published on the FakeNews Tragač portal will be tagged. In cases where the media outlet publishes a correction or retracts content in which disinformation has been detected, information about this will be added to our analysis.

At the end of each calendar year, we will publish a report in which we will identify the most common sources and types of disinformation we have detected.

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