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Countering Pseudoscience in Serbia

U.S. EMBASSY BELGRADE, SERBIA  July 2021 – June 2020

This project aims to reduce the influence of pseudo-scientific narratives, especially those that endanger safety and health, and undermine trust in science. The goals of this project are (1) to suppress disinformation in the field of science, and (2) to strengthen the media and scientific literacy of the citizens of Serbia.

This project includes five activities:

(1) Analyzes of false and manipulative content about science published in Serbia, in mainstream media or social networks,

(2) Thematic analysis (research) of false scientific narratives regarding Covid-19,

(3) Online Guide for countering pseudoscience intended for journalists, but also useful to a wider audience,

(4) The conference on pseudo-scientific narratives for journalists, but also open to the general public, and

(5) Promotional activities

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