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Extension of project “Active miss wanted now!”

Novi Sad School of Journalism has signed the contract for an extension of the project “Active Miss Wanted Now!” with Olof Palme Center in Sweden, in February 2011.

This year, the project is being carried out under a new name, “Active ladies wanted!” and being expanded from the territory of Vojvodina, to the territory of Serbia. Schools participating in the project are from Kragujevac, Novi Pazar, Pirot, Uzice, Indjija and Novi Sad.

The project focuses on education and involvement of young high school girls and their peers in the civil and political sector of the local community. All project activities will be held in Novi Sad, on workshops about political and social activism from the gender-sensitive perspective, where students will gain first-hand experience on how do the city’s institutions function, then they will create their own campaigns, learn how to present themselves in the media and finally upon the completion of this initiative, become educated, socially-active representatives of their community.

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