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Fostering Improved Media Standards – Solution Journalism

National Endowment for Democracy, November, 2019. – September, 2020.

In partnership with Transitions (TOL), CZ we are implementing the project “Fostering Improved Media Standards”. 

The overall goal of the project is to establish the concept of solutions journalism – rigorous reporting on responses to society’s problems – throughout the journalism community. This should rebalance the general negativity of news by telling the whole story, including constructive examples that promote positive change. This approach can strengthen the relationship with audiences, restore trust in the media, and empower citizens.

Our strategy is based on three pillars: 

1) raising awareness; 

2) providing hands-on training; and 

3) enabling local production through financial support and intensive mentoring during the production process. 

In addition to supporting local solutions stories we focus on collaboration with journalism schools and universities to integrate solutions journalism into their curricula. 

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