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Improving the professional and ethical standards in the field of public information of persons with disabilities (2016)

Ministry of Culture and Information

  1. October – 30. November 2016.

At a time when media greatly affect the lives of every individual, it can not be ignored the dominant influence which they have on the values and patterns of behavior of citizens. One of the ways to overcome the current problems in the field of information of persons with disabilities is to change the attitudes of the media creators – journalists, editors and other media workers. The most direct way is the impact on the cognitive component of attitudes – upgrading the competencies of media workers, in the manner as defined in the Law on Public Information and Media.

The program of the seminar “How to improve media practices? – Public information of persons with disabilities”, which is the main activity of this project is designed to allow the acquisition of knowledge on the application of technical and technological solutions which enable accessibility of media content, understanding and applying the concepts of „accessibility“ and „inclusion“ and ethical principles of reporting on persons with disabilities. Next to media representatives, the participation of persons with disabilities in this education is very important because they are the only real source of knowledge and information based on which should be realized their social inclusion.

Project is funded by Ministry of Culture and Information, within the Call for for co-financing projects of organizing and participating in professional, scientific and appropriate meetings, as well as the promotion of professional and ethical standards in the field of public information in 2016.

Project Coordinator of the NSSJ: Marina Grnja Klaić,

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