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Journalistic training for Hlas L’udu successfully completed

Cycle of five training sessions for journalists of Hlas l’udu, organized by the Novi Sad School of Journalism in collaboration with the Association of Slovak Journalists, was sucessfully completed.

On these five trainings journalists, together with their mentors dealt with issues such as public interest in minority media, multiculturalism, commercialization of the media, relationships with their target group and other topics that are attractive to the press media in minority languages.

Last session was devoted to the linguistic analysis of the articles written by journalists over the past weeks.

In addition to direct products- the quality of journalistic articles in your Hlas l’udu, an indirect result of the project should be increased audience, and therefore the weekly circulation .

The project lasted for three months, one of which was a month set aside for the preparation of mentors, work with journalists, and evaluation.

Training was organized by the Novi Sad School of Journalism, in cooperation with the Association of Slovak Journalists, and the financial support provided by the Provincial Secretariat for information.

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