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Media and Minorities (2012/2013)

The Novi Sad School of Journalism will cooperate at the regional scientific-research project called “Media and Minorities”. The project is about monitoring minority media and the partners are organizations from Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro.

The project will last for 18 months and it is supported by the RRPP (The Regional Research Promotion Programme in the Western Balkans).

Analyzing the current media strategy presentation in the field of minority content in the minority section of the media, there will be write a Report about the previous situation and recommendations for improved practice.

Besides this Report, the project aims are analyse of representation of majority population in the minority Medias, as well as representing other minority communities.

Using this method, we will get the percent of implementation of international documents relating to the protection of minorities and protection of minority languages in the daily media practice.

The first official results of monitoring can be expected in December 2012, which will be presented to the public and posted on the websites of all partners.

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