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Report the hate speech in the media to the Press Council

If you feel threatened weather as a person or a group by something that is published in the media, please contact the Press Council.

An appeal can be submitted by an individual or organization on behalf of a particular group, but it is important to know that the Commission is considering only appeals of those who are impaired in person. You should also know that the competency of Council is for the content of the media, but not for articles and comments on a social networks, forums and websites of non-governmental organizations.

An appeal can be sent to: Savet za štampu, Ljube Jovanovića 9 c, 11000 Beograd, or by and or by filling out a form on the website.

Hate speech in the media, although still more at the level of individual cases, is present in the form of labeling and exclusion of those groups and individuals as well as their members, other than the “normality” of the majority in their social environment, and where exactly that majority dictates the notion of social acceptance, whether it comes to ethnic, moral or any other difference.

Head of Department of Media Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy in Novi Sad, Dubravka Valić Nedeljkovic says that when it comes to hate speech most frequent has been use of non-balanced use of media characteristics related to place, space and rank that the information is given in the newspapers, on radio and TV, and the Internet media portals, as well as how information is equipped (title, heading, subheading, photographs, audio and video quotes), whether it is (not) allowed to comment on the content of Internet users.

Intolerant language use is related to (I) vocabulary and (II) discourse strategies. The vocabulary is explicit and thus easy to detect. Discourse strategies are a more subtle manner of discriminatory language usage and sometimes hard to detect without a serious analysis of the text (journalism and journalists) not only at the surface / explicit, but also on the depth / implicit level.

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