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Second part of the media training for the Centre “Living Upright”

Activists of Centre “Living Upright” over the weekend have participated in the second part of the training about media relations within the project “I speak for myself”. Workshops at the hotel “Centar” were held by coordinators of the Novi Sad School of Journalism. During the training the documentary film “Lives worth living” on the history of the disability movement in the United States and its impact on the history of society in general was shown.

The project “I speak for myself” is implemented by Novi Sad School of Journalism in collaboration with the Centre “Living Upright” and the Department of Mass Communication and Communication Studies Towson University of Maryland as part of the “Strengthening partnerships for inclusive community.” This project is a begining of a new approach Centre will use in communicating with the public . This project is conducted in the framework of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural USA “Empower partnerships for inclusive community” which conducts Mobility International USA” ( MIUSA ) and the Embassy of the USA in the Republic of Serbia.


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