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18. April

Our Media: A civil society action to generate media literacy and activism, counter polarisation and promote dialogue (2023-2026)

The primary focus of the three-year project Our Media is on strengthening...

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22. March

Countering disinformation in Serbia: First line of defense

European Union, December 2022 - December 2025 The Novi Sad School of...

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15. March

Reinforcing the role of media in addressing the climate emergency

The project "Reinforcing the role of media in addressing the climate emergency"...

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06. December

The Future of Journalism

Independent Journalists Association of Serbia and US Embassy, December 2022 - May...

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02. September

Introduction to Media Literacy

Ministry of Culture and Information,  September - October 2022. Within the "Introduction...

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04. July

Developing Tolerance through Media reporting

Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities, July...

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