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Introduction to Media Literacy

Ministry of Culture and Information,  September – October 2022.

Within the “Introduction to Media Literacy” project media experts wrote 10 educational texts about Media Literacy which were published on NSSJ’s website. The aim of this media content was to educate wider public about basic Media Literacy postulates, and to contribute to development of critical skills among citizens of Serbia.

Primary target group of the project were citizens of Serbia who are not familiar with the field of Media Literacy, regarding their age, gender, education or orher personal trait. The second target group who benefited from the project were educators, pupils, journalism students and journalists.

Texts were written in Serbian language on following topics:

1. Journalism: the role and importance of professional journalists
2. Media production: malicious editing and deepfake
3. Media effects: power of media and power of audience
4. Manipulation in media: spin, disinformation and logical fallacies
5. Media anomalies: tabloids and reality shows
6. Media and profit: commercial media and civil society media
7. Propaganda: media propaganda, advertisement and political propaganda
8. Public broadcaster sevices: special media with special responsibilities
9. Culture in the media: mass culture and alternative culture
10. Traditional media and social media: similarities and differences

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