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Building Resilient Journalism in the Western Balkans

National Endowment for Democracy, October 2020 to September 2024.

Overall objectives: The overall objective of this project is to increase the availability of and public demand for high quality news and information on key societal issues and developments in the Western Balkans with a view to strengthening the resilience and professionalism of journalism.

Specific objectives:

To contribute to the advancement of news literacy in the region through activities partly based on the revived public appreciation of professional journalism during the coronavirus crisis “infodemic,” with engagement of key information actors (editors, senior journalists, media regulators and self-regulators, health workers, government officials, civil society activists, educators) as well as citizens in efforts to make sense and full use of lessons learned;

To provide journalists and journalism students with opportunities to improve reporting skills through a series of training and consultation activities and apply those skills through a series of reporting assignments resulting in the production and publication of a substantial volume of news content;

To continue efforts to revive media criticism as a discipline of journalism and tool for generating critical discourse on media content.


Partners: Transiton online and The South East European Network for Professionalization of Media (SEENPM)

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