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Cyber world, keep the child safe (2017)

(Ministry of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, January – August 2017)
Within the project “Cyber world, keep the child safe” an educational video series will be created, thanks to which the parents will become more familiar with the the dangers that lurk in the online world, but also with the possible forms of prevention. Each of the ten episodes will have a special thematic focus, and the series will be posted on NSSJ You tube channel.
This program, directed at mothers and fathers, it is very important for two reasons: firstly, handling online content is one of the few areas of life in which children may have more experience than their own parents, and this imbalance should be reduced to their mutual benefit; Secondly, the parents are the only actors in this field who have the possibility of permanent supervision of the children, unlike school, that has such a possibility to a very limited extent, or state, which does not have and can not have the tools for direct control of online content to which children come into contact.
Topics that will encompass this series are: 1) photos and clips; 2) privacy and personal data; 3) threats and bullying; 4) contact with strangers; 5) inadequate facilities; 6) viruses, worms and Trojan horses; 7) online games; 8) deep web; 9) online shopping and marketing; 10) depending on the Internet.
Project coordinator: Stefan Janjić,

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