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Debunking Disinformation (2017)

Project duration: January – December 2017.
Donor: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic
Project coordinator:
Tijana Femić

Project “Debunking Disinformation” is implemented by Novi Sad School of Journalism in cooperation with the organization Transition from the Czech Republic. The main goal of the project is to build the capacities on the local level in Serbia to fight against the propaganda in Serbian media and disinformation. Building the local capacities will be realized through the education for educators in media sphere.

During the project, two educative cycles have been organized. The participants were educators who have already been working in the educational institutions, media centers, civil society organizations, but also educators who are not employed by institutions, but are working in the media field. The first module was organized in May in Prague, and the second one in September in Novi Sad.

Besides trainers education, the most important result of the project is the adaption of the current educative software in media field by translating it to Serbian language. The software will serve as a tool for educators in the future when they teach about propaganda and disinformation in media.

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