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Media for Citizens – Citizens for Media

Civilno društvo za unapređenje pristupanja Srbije Evropskoj uniji, November, 2018 – September, 2019.

Novi Sad School of Journalism will, during the duration of this project, advocate for the improvement of policies of the subject of Media and Information literacy as a mean of support to democratic development in Serbia and in Western Balkans. By strenghtening the capacties and roles of the members of the National Commission for Media Literacy development of media and educational policies will be advocated for. Coalition for MIL is consisted of 10 prominent members of CSO that deal with media and education, policymakers, representatives of state administration, journalists, media experts, teachers and IT experts.

This project is part of regional programme “Media for Citizens – Citizens for Media: Strenghtening capacities of NGOs for  development of MIL in Western Balkans” which is conducted with support form EU by Media Center Sarajevo, Albanian Media Institute, Macedonian Institute for Media, Institute for Media from Monte Negro, Novi Sad School of Journalism, Peace Institute, and SEENPM

The work of NSSJ on improvement of MIL is supported by Sweden through the programme of Belgrade Open School.

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