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Megafon: The Youth in Media Literacy Mission

Czech Republic’s Official Transition Promotion Program, March-October 2019.

The main objective of this project is to encourage media literacy with children in primary school especially through critical thinking of media content and contribution to development of school media and production. Specific objective is to educate children about harmful content, fake news, hidden advertisement, and stereotypical portreying of other in media, topics which are especially problematic on the Internet and social media and with which are children exposed the most.

This will be archived by: 1) education of children on media literacy through workshops in their schools, 2) engaging children to make video campaign and to write and edit school newsletter on media literacy, 3) online promotion of project and awareness raising campaign with children works, 4) promotion of a children school work on media literacy on a festival, 5) debate of a media workers and teachers on media literacy as a part of education system.

Project „Megafon: The Youth in Media Literacy Mission“ is implemented with the support of The Czech Republic’s Official Transition Promotion Program.

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