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Pandora’s Box (2010/11)

Novi Sad School of Journalism has signed a contract with the European Commission regarding the project “Pandora’s box”.

This project “Pandora’s Box” ,for the fight against pedophilia, was launched with the aim to raise awareness and accountability to the public on the importance of shared and networked data fighting pedophilia.

Through project activities aproximatly 24 000 children, and twice as many parents and teachers in primary schools, will be educated through seminaries. In collaboration with government agencies and nongovernmental bodies we will make the international action plan to combat pedophilia.

“Pandora’s Box” will be implemented in four states, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Hungary, with partner organizations: the Institute STINA (Split), Media Plan (Sarajevo) and the Center for Independent Journalism (Budapest).

The project will be implemented over the next twelve months, and it is financially supported by the European Commission.

Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia under the EU funded ‘Strengthening Serbia-EU Civil Society Dialogue’ project,

Pandora's Box (2010/11) Project "Ladies Diary...