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The publishing of the Novi Sad School of Journalism consists of three editions:

– “Media References”
– “Media Sphere”
– “Entelechy”

As part of the “Media Reference” edition, textbooks, guides and practicums are published for journalists, journalism students, educators and educators.

The “Media Sphere” edition publishes the results of media research and media monitoring, as well as guidelines for better practice.

The “Entelechy” edition was founded to support young researchers to publish their graduate, master’s and doctoral theses.

All NSSJ publications issued within all three editions can be read and downloaded below.


REGIONAL OVERVIEW: Hate and Propaganda Models of Media and Communication in the Western Balkans and Turkey

The hate, propaganda and disinformation models of media and communication are integral parts of the propaganda-oriented media systems. Should we wish to understand the key characteristics of a propaganda-oriented media system, we must reflect on where, how and why the system came about. It is…

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Countering Hate Speech Online

The organizations partnered under the project “BEHAVE – SEE Beyond Hate: Learning and Acting to Counter Hate Speech Online in South East Europe” focused the initial study on the practices and actors battling hate speech in the target countries – Croatia, Slovenia, and Serbia. First,…

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Hate Speech and Stereotyping in Traditional and New Media

The publication presents bad media practices of reporting on various social groups – women, migrants, neighboring nations, political dissidents. The publication was created by consulting secondary sources – previously published media research and analytical texts. This publication was produced with the financial support of the…

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The Serbian media system marked by a media that systematically spreads disinformation, hate speech and propaganda

Novi Sad School of Journalism conducted a research within the “Resilience” project. This research tried to establish how the financial and economic structure of the media market in Serbia affects the decline in the level of professional standards, the collapse of media autonomy and the…

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Serbian media on terrorism and violent extremism

Novi Sad School of Journalism conducted a one-month monitoring of seven media outlets in order to determine whether and in what way the media report on violent extremism, radicalization and terrorism. Also, an attempt was made to determine whether the media in Serbia, by their…

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