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The publishing of the Novi Sad School of Journalism consists of three editions:

– “Media References”
– “Media Sphere”
– “Entelechy”

As part of the “Media Reference” edition, textbooks, guides and practicums are published for journalists, journalism students, educators and educators.

The “Media Sphere” edition publishes the results of media research and media monitoring, as well as guidelines for better practice.

The “Entelechy” edition was founded to support young researchers to publish their graduate, master’s and doctoral theses.

All NSSJ publications issued within all three editions can be read and downloaded below.


Media coverage of violent extremism and terrorism

The Handbook for Journalists “Media coverage of violent extremism and terrorism” was created as part of the project “Improving Media Reporting on Extremism” with the aim of helping journalists avoid unintentional mistakes when reporting on these sensitive topics. The research that preceded the development of…

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Media and Information Literacy in the Western Balkans: Unrealized Emancipatory Potential

“With this publication and the regional project we do not mean to suggest that media and information literacy is the answer to all problems and failures of media policy and media system reforms in the countries of the region. Quite to the contrary, media reforms…

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