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Religion on Radio Waves (2018)

Donor: The Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities

Project duration: September 2018

During the September two episodes of a radio serial  “Religion on Radio Waves“ have been published. These episodes argument about the position of women in different religions and a position of atheists. These episodes are available on NSSJ’s website and social media canals. In serial talked several religious representatives of Serbian Orthodox Church, Romacatolic Church, Islam, Reformat Christian church, Protestant Christian community, Evangelic Slovakian Church.

Episodes are available on these links:

The aim of the project “Religion on Radio Waves“ is a contribution to peace and raising awareness about the importance of dialogue through the learning about different religious values which advocates peace and equality. Project include radio production which will be permanently available for interested radio stations to publish. Topics of this radio serial are controversial and attractive topics about which different religious representatives talk in order to show differences, but more important, the similarity of their believes which are tolerant and peaceful.

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