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Little Trunk: Audio stories on languages of national minorities

Donor: Ministry of Culture and Information

Project duration: July – November 2018

Project “Little Trunk: Audio stories on languages of national minorities” contribute to achieving minority rights to inform and educate on national minorities’ native language. The aim is to preserve the cultural and linguistic identity of national minorities in Serbia.

During the project 20 audio stories for pre-school and school-age children who are members of Croatian, Hungarian, Slovakian and Roma national minority groups, as well as for Serbian group. All stories were written by authors who write for children on some of the minority languages. Every story from one minority language has been translated to every other minority language and Serbian in order to strengthen interculturalism.

All stories can be heard on these links:
1. Mesec (link)
2. O čhonut (link)
3. A Hold (link)
4. Mjesec (link)
5. Mesiac (link)
6. Mirta i njegova sekira (link)
7. Mirta thaj lesko tover (link)
8. Mirta és a fejsze (link)
9. Mirta i njegova sjekira (link)
10. Mirta a jeho sekera (link)
11. Teča i magarac (link)
12. E bibijako rom thaj o her (link)
13. A bácsikám és a szamár (link)
14. Tetak i magarac (link)
15. Svák a somár (link)
16. Kutnjak (link)
17. Ithar (link)
18. A bölcsességfog (link)
19. Kutnjak (link)
20. Stolička (link)

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