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Media in a child’s life

Ministry of Culture and Information, November – December 2019.

Project ’’Media in a child’s life’’ will contribute to an increased level of media literacy among parents, educational workers, and children indirectly. Within the project, three video and three texts about media phenomenon will be created. The topics of which media products will be about are the use of media, harmful content, false and manipulative information. All media products will be published on an NSSJ’s website and shared on the educational website Digitalni pogon.

By this approach, complex media phenomena such as media effects, harmful media content, and disinformation will be more adapted to laymen, and it will contribute to an increased level of media literacy. This sequence targets parents of elementary school-aged children and teachers, and all topics of media products will concern a relation between children and media. Speakers in video sequence and texts will be experts like communicologists, psychologists, pedagogues who will explain some specific media phenomenon, and then children, teachers, and parents will share their experience with the same topic. Besides these statements, video sequences will contain video and animation in order to be appealing to all members of families. An expert’s analytic text will accompany each video episode.

Enhancement of media... Webinar on disinformation