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Monitoring the elections for members of Minority councils (2018)

Donator: The Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information and Relations with Religious Communities

Project duration: October – November 2018.

Project coordinator: Valentina Sigeti


Project “Monitoring the elections for members of Minority councils” included quantitative-qualitative media content analysis during the election campaign for members of Minority Councils. The aim was to establish how and how much media contribute to information and affirmation of voting, how they report about Minority councils’ election, and how minorities’ representatives are presented.

From October to November 2018. Novi Sad School of Journalism conducted media content analysis about elections for Minority Councils in five minority media which founders are Minority Councils. We monitored media in Hungarian (media “Magyar Szo”), Slovakian (“Hlas l’udu”), Romanian (“Libertatea”), Ruthenian (“Ruske slovo”) and Croatian (“Hrvatska riječ”). The results of monitoring these media are presented in a Comparative report on Serbian language („Monitoring izbora članova saveta nacionalnih manjina: Koga su mediji na jezicima manjina izabrali?“).

In publication are also presented the recommendations for media how to develop their reporting about Minority Councils’ elections.

The research was supported by The Provincial Secretariat for Culture, Public Information, and Relations with Religious Communities. Attitudes expressed in this project does not express necessarily believes of the donor.