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Roma in public

(The European Commission IPA 2009-Civil Society Facility, December 2010 – December 2012)

Novi Sad School of Journalism in association with Media Centar Sarajevo, Roma Information Centre, Macedonian Institute for Media and Project carrier The aim of the project was to improve media coverage of Roma communities in these countries.

In a series of activities participated journalists from Serbia, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, 6 from each country, half of whom were from the Roma community and half from majority and other communities in these countries. In the first year of the project implementation, Novi Sad School of Journalism delegated 6 journalists who have been in intensive training on the use of multimedia technology (radio, TV, print) when reporting on marginalized groups. This training was attended by journalists from Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia. After that, educational practice continued in Novi Sad under the mentorship of the international journalist Dean Cox. After training, journalists produced stories about Roma and other marginalized communities for the regional portal.

In October 2011, in the Assembly of Vojvodina, a regional conference on topic Roma in public was held with the aim to present and critically review the work of Roma media in the Western Balkans, with a focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Macedonia. The conference offered models for future development of Roma media, whose survival is crucial for the visibility of the Roma community in public. Also the possible models of changing the public awareness about the status and needs of Roma in the Western Balkans were discussed.

Project coordinator from NSSJ: Tijana Femić,

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