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Equal and truthful: deconstructing gender disinformation in media

US Embassy and IJAS, January – August 2024.

The project “Equal and truthful: deconstructing gender disinformation in the media” will last eight months from January to August 2024. During that period, the NSSJ team will organize training in the field of analysis and fact-checking of gender disinformation, publish at least 6 case studies on the deconstruction of gender disinformation in the media, and create recommendations for better practice that will be forwarded to the media and associations working with the topic of media and equality.

The aim of the project is to improve equal and truthful reporting in the media in Serbia.

The primary target group of the project are journalists and journalism students, while the secondary beneficiaries of the project activities are media, media associations, civil society and citizens of Serbia.

The project is implemented within the Small Media Grants Program funded by the US Embassy and administered by the Independent Journalists Association of Serbia. The views, opinions and conclusions expressed in the project do not necessarily express the views of IJAS and the US Embassy, but solely those of the author.

Published report "Mobilization... TruthShield Balkans: